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Wolf Jung   jung@mndynamics.com • Deutsch
Gesamtschule Aachen-Brand, Rombachstrasse 99, 52078 Aachen, Germany.

The program Mandel 5.12 for investigating the Mandelbrot set and other sets from complex dynamics is found here. Interactive demos are included. Or see the Java applet Juliette.

On the following pages, you can read about my research interests and download preprints:

Teaching: 1996–2004 I was a research and teaching assistant at the former Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, RWTH Aachen University. I have been giving problem sessions on calculus for civil engineering students, Fourier analysis, distributions, differential equations, dynamic systems.

2005–2006 I was a teacher-in-training at the Erasmus-von-Rotterdam Gymnasium in Viersen, Germany. See a presentation of the Mandelbrot set by my former 11th-grade students.

Since 2007 I am teaching mathematics and physics at the Gesamtschule Aachen-Brand, a community college for grades 5–13, located in Aachen, Germany. Material for students and colleagues is available from Fronter.

Binomial 2.2 is a program for illustrating the binomial probability distribution and its approximation by a Gaussian, and for calculations related to testing of hypotheses. The latest release is available here. Exercise sheets are included in the German version.

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